Privacy Policy for Influx Coupon:

Influxcoupons has its own set of the privacy policy that applies to all of our users and partners. This privacy policy explains how Influxcoupons collects information from our users and how that information is used by us to make your experience more worthwhile. Remember every bit of information shared with us is subjected to our privacy policy so we advise you to read it carefully before signing up, subscribing and using our services.

Personal Information:

We collect private information from you so that we can identify and contact you. We collect transaction information, relationship information, contact information and location information, etc. We use this information to provide you more customized content and products. We use your personal information to provide you better service, improved user support and recommend the coupons from the brand you previously shop.

We understand the importance of privacy of our users and that is why we take every possible measure to make sure that all the private information we collect remains confidential. We are equipped with modern technologies and systems required to protect the privacy of our customers from hacker attacks. We solely use the information to understand what are your likes and what products you are interested in so that you always see what you like.

Links to third parties:

You might find links to third party websites on influxcoupons however we are not responsible for the privacy statement of these third party websites. They might have different privacy statements and policies. You are advised to read their privacy policies and take precautions while interacting with them.


We have exclusive right over our logo, name, and brand. No one can copy, use and distribute our logo, name, and trademark without written permission from authorities of Influxcoupons.

Right to Change Policy:

Influxcoupons has the right to change its privacy policy at any time without any notice. We encourage you to review this page every month to stay updated with our privacy policies.

Contact Information:

Please contact us without hesitation if you have any questions related to our privacy policies.